Angel M. California


Immigration is really bad for people's community, jobs, and families.

     Immigration or ICE has removed 235,413 people this year as stated in In both convicted people and just regular people who haven't done any crimes in society. 41% of those people had families that were torn apart just because they were not documented. Imagine all of the kids who were devastated when their mother or father was taken from them and could never see them again. These kids will have long lasting effects in their mind and could possibly could lead to a life of crime and suffer. 

     To solve this problem I suggest that you only deport the immigrants that have been incarcerated for a crime that was grave. This will narrow it down to immigrants on death row. By this plan going in effect America would save millions to even billions of dollars every year because just deporting one person takes a cost of about 12,500 dollars. There are 2,905 people are on death row. My plan is to get the illegal immigrants and deport them by this America would have less people on death row and save lost of money, but not only that the innocent immigrants will keep a peace full life and will power the future.


                                                                             Angel M