Irvin F. California

Homelessness in America

Homelessness in America

 Dear Next President,

Hello to our new president. First of all congratulation on the win. Surely it was not easy winning but you did it. I wonder if if you ever dreamed about this day? But there is many issue with our state. I would like to speak about one in specific. I’d like to talk about homelessness in America.

When I step out of my doorstep every few blocks there is always a homeless. Some with a kid or a pet. Some are alone or with people that seem to be friends. Yet all have no roof above their head. Some might have just tent. The amount of homeless without a shelter is 177,373 but those shelter aren’t even secured because you either get there early and get a room or you don’t. But the number of sheltered homeless is 401,501. But yet there is still a lot of homeless with a kid and that makes up 216,261. These numbers are really big and I would like to see those number decrease.

I know you can not give all the homeless people shelter or a secured roof. But you can build more emergency shelter or a place where homeless have a place to sleep. Instead of building that new fast food restaurant maybe put a emergency shelter place and you are probably saying it wont give all homeless shelter but at least we can lower the number of homeless in our country. Those numbers of homeless people in our country does not look good but we can do something about it and help those who are in greater needs than us.


Irvin F