Vania V. California

Looking into a Better Future!

Poverty, Hunger, and Water Crisis

Dear Future president,

Poverty, hunger and lack of pure drinking water is one of the biggest threats that the world is facing today. According to the website , Approximately 1.29 to 1.3 billion people in the world are living in absolute poverty. That’s almost nearly ½ of Earth’s population. Due to that reason, there are hundreds even thousands of people who are forced to drink contaminated water in order to relieve their hunger. Which causes many diseases we have today. Starvation has always been a huge problem too. We must start giving accessibility of clean drinking water to the people who really need it. It might appear to be pretty easy at first, but we overlook the fact that with no access to a dependable source of water, there wouldn’t be a way to food. It is challenging to grow and much more hard to conserve and cook. It usually takes a lot of water to cultivate food and crops. and concludes that we make use of 70% of water for farming and irrigation, while only 10% of our water is used for domestic purposes. Restaurants, hotels, stores, and even shopping malls have to maintain cleanliness to appeal the visitors along with foreign investors. Which only serves or takes up 10% of our water used for domestic purposes. Many of the business industries and manufacturing activities also need plenty of water to keep money coming towards their pocket. Water means chronic poverty along with financial activities. These are just a few of the thousands of countless problems that the world (we) is/are facing today. We shall unite to solve these problems instantly. Awareness campaigns can be one of the best solutions to help reduce this major problem. At the same time, we can also conduct national and international level projects in order to make the world a good place to live in.