Anas U. California

Why we need Free Health Care

Free Health Care is more beneficial than most think

Dear Future President, 

An American I met through an online chat says that he had an injured leg that hindered him greatly. While he supports the current American government, he hates the current health care system because he can't pay for his injury. The Canadians and Europeans in the chat room felt bad for him, and was galled by the health care system in America. Talking with the American made me realize that America needs free health care. The American Health Care system was made with a bunch of problems. In order for the health system to function in America, there are many fees to be made by the average citizen. This is due to the fact that part of the system are handled by many people such as tax managers and in-profit hospitals. In the 20th century there have been efforts to improve this system. Herzlinger believed that people who are involved in the system are biased and they must not be given too much credit. She also believed that Health Care should be paid for if the person can't pay for it by themselves. However a recent innovation in the system is ObamaCare. ObamaCare insured free healthcare for full time workers. Problem is that the minimum hours per week to count as a full time worker is 36 hours. Walmart workers work 35 hours a week. This is a problem because Walmart is a big store chain, and having all of its workers not get free health care is a big shame to them. Not to mention that working at least 36 hours per week is pretty hard anyways. That said, Donald Trump says he will rework ObamaCare. If Hilary Clinton wins, then we have no plans to rework ObamaCare. So I ask you, future president, please give us free health care.

Sincerely, Anas

La Quinta High School

Nadeau Period 5

U.S. History

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