Trang P. California

Letter to Future President

Everyone wants to get a higher education.

Dear Future President,

College debt is only going to increase because the tuition is too high and low income families can't afford it. Students will eventually drop out of college without getting a degree. They will then have a family and won't be able to support their children. This pattern is going to keep happening generation after generation unless someone do something about it.

Sure, there're financial aid and loans but that is not going to cover for their education throughout the four years at college. Even study and work won't help them pay for it. It's more likely to encourage students to drop out of college. Between work, school, homework, and social life are a lot of pressure on them. Everyone wants to get a degree and be employ by the time they graduate but the question is can they afford college?

No, not everyone can afford college. The system cannot expect us to have a specific amount of money at a specific time. We are not billionaires. The economy is not always going up, as a matter a fact, it's currently going downhill. About 42% of Americans are unemployed. To resolve this situation, college should be free so that students who have valuable knowledge but cannot afford college can help change our economy situations. Free college means higher education for every students no matter their identities are. Students will be motivated because of the opportunities and advantages they can finally go to college for free.


Trang Pham