Raul B. California

To Donald J Trump

Global Warming issue

Why do you disagree with climate change? Do you have information to support the fact that global warming is not happening or causing any harm to the environment . Unlike President Clinton who knows that global warming is a problem. Scientist as well think that global warming is happening and about 97% of scientists took a survey and agreed that global warming has increased. Looking at the facts and seeing you disagreeing with all the data and statistics on global warming really explains how you think or assume the fact that you know more than scientists.Or calling them liars and don't know what they are talking about.

Some of the main causes of global warming is due to greenhouse gases. Also due to the consumption of fossil fuels. In which all of theses things are destroying ozone layer. President Clinton “proposes to switch from fossil fuel to cleaner energy.” Unlike you who says It's “just very,very expensive form of tax.” 

 Sincerely Raul Bustamante Izguerra