Esperanza J. California

How inequality is still going on today

I talk about how inequality has come back from the past, and how it is a situation that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible so that we all will be able to have a better future.

Dear Future President:

In the 1800s, it was common not to let women work at all, or to instantly judge a person by his or her  financial background or their skin color. Ever since there have been reforms, actions taken, and people have had the freedom to say and do whatever they want. No doubt, there is still a problem even now. Attitudes and actions that promote inequality are coming back. There are now more incidents regarding racist , sexist (gender), and financial inequality . There needs to be a change.

For example, the Blacks Live Matter movement came about because many citizens of the United States helped make this happen, in order to let the government know how they are being treated unequally. This was occurring not only California where I live, but all over the nation, in places such as San Diego, L.A., and New York. This is very shocking, because inequality shouldn’t even exist now, and it especially should not be carried into our future.

Another example would be how women are getting treated horribly today in the work force. There were many acts all over the world that promoted women's inequality. There was a specific case in Saudi Arabia, where women wouldn’t even gain one dollar, even when working hard throughout the week.

A final example of inequality is when people coming from not so good financial backgrounds are judged, because of the simple fact that they are "low income" and don’t have the money or luxuries others  have today. Everyone should be able to feel free, comfortable , and confident with what they have.

All types of inequality needs to stop because people today and in our future need to be united , not split up by our differences. That’s why many people of different cultures, races, and religions in the past had to join together to begin to fight for their rights. That shouldn’t happen today: we should all be treated equally.  I propose working toward a more equal society today because we are all better united.

Thank you!


Esperanza Jasso

The Preuss School UCSD

Block 8

AP English Lit & Comp, B Day

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