Maika W.

Gun Control

Dear future President, I think gun control is a vital factor in making the United States a better, safer country. With better gun control, we would not see the tragedies we see on the news everyday. There have been many accidents that have claimed the lives of everyday citizens, even children. If their access had been limited, they would be alive today. Automatic weapons have been used in multiple mass school shootings. With more oversight eliminating these types of guns, we could read about accomplishments from these schools instead of their tragedies! I feel like guns are too readily available and people do not respect their power and abuse it. If we cut down who can be responsible with a gun and do more background checks, we can feel better about the people who own them. It may be a hassle, but if it saves a single life, it will be worth it. Better gun control will save lives, reduce domestic violence, and result in less mass shootings. Let’s finally take action on gun control and gun-related violence by restricting the use of automatic weapons, cracking down on who is able to obtain guns, and reduce the number of tragedies that are occurring and might still occur in our great country. Let’s take a stand against gun violence and start controlling it.