Ethan L.

Letter To Next President -Ethan L.

Letter To Next President

Dear Next President,

There are many important issues regarding the United States. First of all the country is plagued with bigotry and racism. Many black people have recently been unjustifyingly shot. Police brutality is a real issue that needs to be addressed. In many cases where a black person is shot dead, they don’t even have a gun or weapon and are not threatening the lives of the officers. On top of that, almost all of the officers who go to court for murder, aren't even prosecuted. The majority of police officers are good, but the ones that are corrupt overshadow the rest. It's not just black people that are being mistreated. Mexicans and Islamic people are being unfairly judged and discriminated against as well.

Islamophobia is a real issue. Many americans see a Muslim or an Islamic person and associate them as a terrorist, but that is not the case. Muslims are peaceful, working class citizens who, like anyone else, deserve respect and safety. Just because they are wearing a hijab or headscarf, doesn’t mean they are a bad person.

Equality is one of the things that this country was founded on. The United States should embrace other religions with open arms not reject them or their followers. Our founding fathers left the United Kingdom to escape oppression and have their own religious and political freedom. We are not progressing as a society, we are going backwards. We need to show the world that we can be serious and can focus on important matters, not just call each other names and be ignorant about crucial issues.