Matthew G.

America's Problems

Short video/write of what America's issues are.

There are many very important issues that must be dealt with in our modern day. One of the most immediate issues is the impending fact that the entire earth could be eradicated in only a few short moments. To best avoid this, we must attempt to make peace with the other major countries. A couple ways to make peace would be to sign treaties or make mutually beneficial trade agreements with other countries. This will let America stave off the threat of nuclear war, and it raises the possibility to relieve some of the nation’s debt. Another course of action worth considering is to leave the other counties alone. America should also focus on our own internal affairs by keeping and creating the jobs that we Americans so need to help enlarge the middle class. We need to not let the oligarchs make more money, while people in poverty continue to be penniless and unable to move above the line of poverty. The middle class is suffering from over taxation and more of these people are dropping to poverty. As we focus on our internal affairs America's economy will become more stable than it currently is. This will make America become the great nation it once was.