Letter to the next president

The next president should do what is best for our country.

October 1, 2016

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

The next president of the United States has a lot of power and responsibility to the American people, and among those are to keep the citizens safe, address many of the issues facing our country, and to uphold the role of a strong leader.

To be a good president, I think it is important to set an example for the children of America. They should be someone who others can look up to for their qualities of fairness, honesty, and intelligence. When times of crisis come, our country will need a leader who can be smart under pressure and desisive. Our president must be able to make decisions that are best for our country and others. When they make a decision, they must look at the affect it will have on others around the world, not just ourselves.

The president must also treat all people the same, no matter what ethnicity or color of skin they might have. Since racism is a rising issue in today’s election, it is so important that the future president has a plan to help put an end to, or lessen this matter. They must be aware of all the different ways of life and do what is in their power to help those in need. Education is alao a crucial aspect of life here in the United States but not only is the cost of college extremely high, but the factor of race and background greatly affects a student’s chance of acceptance into a school. Issues like this must be delt with by someone who is fair and willing to listen to the people.

I believe our president must be a good leader who is intelligent, fair, and honest above all. They should be decisive during times of crisis and a role model for the the citizens of America. We need a leader who is willing to to listen to the people and do what is best for our country.