Jimo K. California

Letter to the Next President

Dear President,


 Dear President, I respectfully request some wishes for your presidential years. I wish that taxes on middle-class people should cut and the taxes on the high-class should increase. There’s much more population in the middle-class than the high-class population. If the US is following the majority rules, this should follow the exact same rule as well. 

Secondly I wish that interactions with other countries should be a little controlled and limited. What I mean by that applies straight to South Korea. Right now South Korea is in the worst situation where the president of South Korea turns out to be controlled by a random citizen for years. The president was weakened by the death of a close friend and the citizen lied that she has his soul and that she’s actually his after-life being. The problem is that the president of a country bought that stupid deal. Now all citizens of South Korea know about it all and they are rioting against the whole government. I respectfully request you to limit some interactions with South Korea. Everyone’s disappointed at South Korea and so am I.


Student from Santa Clara High

Santa Clara High School

Seniors in ERWC @ SCHS

Santa Clara High School 12th grade students writing in periods 3, 4, and 6 of the CSU Expository Reading and Writing Course.

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