Marco G. California


Terrorism, a problem around the world.

Dear future president,

Terrorism today is at an up rise in all part of the world and in recent past events we, the people, have become fearful for our lives and surroundings. Over these past years, I have seen many terrorist acts not only on American soil but internationally as well. These terror attacks such as the Paris bombings and the Nice killing spree are examples of such international terrorism. However, terrorist attacks such as the New York and New Jersey bombings allow Americans to be fearful and begin to blame race, religion, etc. for the cause of such attacks. We have let fear take over us and we are letting terrorists screaming in joy.

Around my city and country, I see ordinary Americans being afraid to visit every tourist attraction. They tend to worry so much about their lives and not enjoy the moment. We live in a society where we are fearful of our lives. At any second the thought of an explosion going off, gunshots erupting, or a stab through our flesh haunts us.

I believe that although finding a solution to terrorism is difficult, there are things that we can do to protect our country. Although it may seem hard to do, you can require a “deep” background check on any past criminal or suspect if they have any link to terrorism and although this is currently developing, these “background checks” never manage to put the suspect of a future terrorist behind bars before its late. We must prevent this by increasing our security.


Marco G.