Janelle O. California

Bloody Cop Uniform

These people strike fear into the American people, and they’re not part of ISIS.

Hi Mr.President, I believe that you’re aware of the recent shootings and attacks of cops toward blacks, and I want to help end it.

Over the years, the world has had many problems, women’s rights, world hunger. But there was always one other problem that was always ignored through the ages, black lives. It hasn’t been addressed until recently, when many black people from ages 13- 60.

Recently, police officers have been causing more harm than doing good because of the recent shootings of black people and the stereotype of all blacks being bad in some cops’ perspectives.

Police officers have been creating problems by unjustly assaulting black people because they jump to conclusions.

Police in Columbus, Ohio, were investigating how a 13-year-old boy named Tyre King pulled out a BB gun that looked like a real firearm on cops. This wasn’t a smart move to make, but the officers should have took precaution too, but they immediately shot him “multiple times” even though both the boy and the police officers were in a tough situation, they all could have made better choices. But the policemen shouldn’t have shot this young boy many times considering that they didn’t have proper evidence that he was going to actually hurt someone.

Some cops have started to even shoot innocent blacks just because “they look suspicious” before actually addressing the matter.

A security guard was watching a black man, Trayvon Martin,walking to his own father’s house. The security guard continued to watch since he, “looked suspicious” Zimmerman (the night guard) felt that Martin somehow had a suspicious profile purely based on the way he looked and then continued to follow him home. So, there is nothing illegal about Martin fighting back when Zimmerman was indeed harassing or physically assaulting Trayvon for no explained reason. According to neighbors, Zimmerman was a overzealous security guard who took his job way too seriously. And the crazy part is, the security guard didn’t get into that much trouble! But if Martin had shot Zimmerman instead in his own neighborhood after following him because he looked suspicious, he’d be going to prison for the rest of his life.

You might question, Most of these men do it in self defense right? Because, they look like they they are taking out a gun for some other weapon.

Well, this isn’t always the case. In the to texts of evidence that had just been provided, both these people had been innocent. For the shooting of Tyre, since the police had been summoned to straighten out the situation, you would expect that there would be more than one police officer and that they would also be wearing protective gear as well as firing more than just one shot continuously. And as for Trayvon, the community has been complaining about the guard, but the management, instead of fixing the problem, kept the security guard to handle to safety and lives of the members of the gated community.

In conclusion, cops should address the matter and situate it before going straight to conclusions and communities also need to help by selecting proper guards to ensure the safety of the people.                                                                    

Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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