ashley d. Michigan

Police Brutality

I talk about the problems we are facing today with police brutality and African Americans.

Dear Future President,

Police brutality has been a huge problem in the United States recently, killing many innocent people. Race has seem to be a pattern in these shootings taking many african american lives this year. This problem has not just been in 2016, it has been an ongoing problem and it needs to be stopped because innocent lives are being lost. Police have high authority and should use it wisely but recently it seems like they have been neglecting their power to be good. I’m going to write about why police brutality is becoming a problem, how it’s impacting the world, and what we as people can do to help change this problem.

Police brutality has changed drastically through the years but the motive is still the same. In the past, african americans were lynched for no reason and now they are being shot for no reason. It is becoming a huge problem in today's society and it needs to be stopped. In 2015, 258 black lives were taken by police officers but it does not stop there. As of July 2016, 123 african americans have been shot by police officers unarmed. For example, Alton Sterling has just been one of the many african american people that were shot and killed this year. Outside of a store, Alton was selling CD’s when everything escalated quickly. Sterling was armed at this time but did not use his gun once. He was shot by the police multiple times even when he was not using his handgun and followed the officer's directions. People took videos of this incident and it shows the policer officers shooting Sterling many times. This is a problem because there is no reason the officer should have shot Alton that many times. Yes, this man was armed but if the officers felt threatened they should have resorted to a taser, not shooting Alton Sterling multiple times enough to kill him. This is not the only unfortunate and sad story there is about police brutality and that is why we need to put an end to it.

Police shootings have impacted the world in so many ways. It has made young children learn to grow up faster and be educated about these tragedies happening in this world so they can avoid it. Black people fear for their lives because these police officers are not protecting them and going against them.No, not every police is horrible but the ones that are make people fear for their lives. People should not have to walk down the street or drive in their car and be scared if they are gonna be stopped and killed by someone that is suppose to protect them. These recent shootings have definitely opened up my eyes to see the huge issue with police brutality and race. Every Single person should be able to feel and safe and protected by people whose job is protect humans. Protests have become a regular things since these shootings and people are demanding a change from these horrible events.

I don't know if police brutality will ever vanish completely, but we as people need to come together and make an immediate change. I believe every police officer should be required to wear a body camera that is on at all times, every time they are on duty. These cameras can bring justice when a tragic event may happen. Police officers should have a deep identity check and mental check before given a gun.This will help show who these people really are and what their motives could be. We are never going to have a solid idea on someone's motives but i believe you should have the best idea of them possible. Guns are honestly not the ones killing people anymore, it's the people behind the gun.

Shootings will never fully stop but we should try as hard as possible to bring an end to these innocent people being murdered. The United States has had so many problems in the past years of police brutality towards african americans and it needs to be addressed. It has impacted so many lives and people need justice and reassurance of their safety in this world. If we all come together as one and work on ending this problem with police officers and african americans, i believe we can make a difference. If you have any questions or possibilities, contact me at [email protected].


Ashley Davison