Nate M. Wisconsin

Black Lives Matter

All police should be required to wear body cams.

Dear President,

African American people are getting killed by police officers each day for no reason, are you going to continue to let these innocent African American people die? One of out 3 African Americans go to jail or get killed. To prevent African Americans getting killed by police officers for no reason, you can require all police officers to wear body cams so if an incident happens the government will be able to see what happen. Another way to stop the violence of African Americans is to publicly support the black lives matter movement. Stopping racial profiling in the United States government will also help stop the violence of blacks. 18% of Whites strongly oppose of the black lives matter movement and only 43% of people actually support the movement. If the president publicly supported the movement, the people who supported it would mostly go up. That is why I think you should stop the racial profiling, police killing blacks, and make officers wear body cams.