Noah D. Michigan

The Downfall of The Motor City

The once booming Motor City is running on E. Detroit, Michigan has been struggling for years and it could use a helping hand.

Dear next POTUS,

After the introduction of the Automotive Industry in Detroit, Michigan in the 1920’s, there is no doubt that the city was the real beneficiary. In fact, in the 1950’s, the population of Detroit hit a staggering 1.8 million. People were staying in Detroit to have families as well as people moving in. But all good things must come to an end, right? Ever since 1950 the population has been on a steady decline of about 100,000 citizens per year. With that has come job loss, businesses closing or relocating, people moving out of Detroit, and the worst of it all, Chapter 9 bankruptcy. I will agree that Detroit has since made great progress in climbing out of the bankruptcy hole but the Motor City isn’t what it used to be. With government supervision, proper funds, and new initiatives, I strongly feel as though Detroit can become the once heralded it once was

Unemployment is one of the more serious issues today and in Detroit. In order for somebody to contribute to society and fuel the advancements in society don’t they need to be able to have a source of income? Well, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Detroit has an unemployment rate of 24.8% as of April 2016. I'm not somebody to shoot down the idea of a miracle, however I do not believe that Detroit’s unemployment rate has been significant cut since April. Regardless, something needs to be done. Society is able to keep advancing when there are citizens who can actually contribute, and Next President, it’s hard to do much if you can't support yourself financially.

Some may argue that the state of Detroit isn’t as bad as it is considering the fact that the median income is about $50,000. How could Detroit be so “poor” if the median income is higher than the the state of Michigan’s as a whole? If you were to take a trip to Detroit cruise through the streets, you would almost instantly notice that the median income does not reflect the city. From the boarded up buildings, to the nature-overgrown buildings, to the amount of homeless people just trying to make it through the day, the city is poverty stricken and it can be seen by even the most in denial people.

So I beg of you Next POTUS, realize that the city of Detroit is on the road to recovery but still needs help. Please don’t let the Motor City become abandoned and avoided by people because nobody cared enough to help out. As I’ve stated with government supervision, proper funds, and new initiatives, Motor City will rise to the city it once was, and Next President, I think you can enforce these improvements or help create change of your own.


Noah D.

Avondale High School

Avondale High School

Honors English 10

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