Cori V. Michigan

Feminine Equality

What should be done about the inequality seen in both genders.

Dear Future President,

Welcome to the White House. Now that you’re the president, I have some things that I would like to talk with you about. There are some major issues in America that I want to bring up with you in the hopes that something might change. The major issue that I’m writing to you about in this letter deals with females being treated as less than men. This is a big thing that people of America have to deal with, and I was hoping you might be able to help change this for the better.

The first thing that is an issue with this is the “pink tax,” which is to say, a higher price on things like clothes or shoes that are made for women. This higher pricing is ridiculously unfair, especially considering that both male and female clothes are generally the same. Women should not have to pay more for buying the same thing that men get. Not to mention, they already spend a ton of money on actual feminine products during the year. And if those necessary items already take up a large portion of yearly money, why should women be made to pay more for things that they want? The simple answer here is that they shouldn’t. There shouldn’t be a “tax” on a gender simply because they are that gender.

The second major issue that I want to address is the fact that, on average, men make more than women do even if they have the same positions/jobs. If you take a man, and put him in a minimum wage job doing a task, and put a woman on that same job and same position, both people are doing the exact same thing. So shouldn’t it be made that they both get paid the same? If a woman is working just as hard as a man is at their job, shouldn’t they be receiving the same amount of pay for their effort? Not to mention women don’t get paid maternity leave if they have a baby, which puts stress on the woman because she has to take time off not only to have the baby but to take care of it for the first few weeks of its life, and she doesn’t receive any money while she is gone. If she is a single mother, how is she supposed to support the child if she doesn’t receive pay?

A third and final thing to consider about the way women are treated is just simply how they are seen in society. The stereotype of a woman, though it has changed some, is being the person who stays home and does the cooking, cleaning, and takes care of the kids. Women aren’t encouraged to play sports or to participate in challenging things in life, and that is seriously a waste. There are plenty of brilliant women out there in America, and the world for that matter, who would have a lot to offer if women were seen as more than just pretty faces.

Future president, I seriously suggest you take these things into account as you take on the role of leader for our country. Women have so much to offer, and can do so much, if only they were encouraged to take the chance. Our country’s motto is “land of the free,” yet we have an entire gender being treated as less than equal simply because they are female instead of male. If it is within your power, future president, I implore you to take these things into consideration, and, if possible, change things in America for the better.