yarlenie Pennsylvania

Police Brutality

African Americans losing their lives and policemen walking free.

September 26, 2016

Dear Next President,

Imagine if your daughter or son was stopped by the police, and was shot and killed. Then the police tell you that either he tried to grab the gun or she tried to run away or that they thought that they was armed, then the police that killed your son or daughter serves no time. How would you feel? African Americans are losing their lives due to police brutality. It's a shame that innocent bystanders get caught in the line of fire. With African Americans losing their lives by police brutality it started more violence because people are fighting back. Dear next president help the violence stop so we can walk freely and not having to look over our shoulders.

Did you know that 346 African American people were killed in the U.S in early 2015 and 106 in early 2016. However unarmed black people were killed at 5x the rate of unarmed whites in 2015. For example On 9/5/15 Navy Veteran India Kager was in a vehicle with her 4 month-old baby and Angelo Perry, who was being followed by unmarked police vehicles. When India parked at a 7-Eleven, the officers also parked and approached the car. Officers claim Angelo shot at them before they shot over thirty times at the vehicle. Angelo and India were killed, while the baby was unharmed. Of course police say that India was unarmed and that they wasn't there for India. Therefore she did not pose treat. As a result to this shooting and tragedy India's baby is going to grow up without knowing his mother, in fact all he would have is stories and pictures of her, it hurts to know that he's gonna grow up like that.This is an important issue in America because it seems that the police are targeting only african american that are unarmed. Even African Americans that served for our country.

You might wonder what can you do as president well you can make sure that at the academy they make sure that the officers in training make sure they follow protocol how they're suppose to, and this also goes for captains at the present. Threat addicts and mentally ill people like they need help, not jail. To take the case in point, Kevin Matthews was peppered sprayed and shot by police when he reached for his weapon, when his family identified him they said he was being treated for schizophrenia.

In addition look more into their deaths, help those family get justice the right way,it shouldn't matter if their policemen or not when they step into the court they should be treated as a regular human. Police should look at the evidence like if it was a regular person who shot an unarmed African American. Lets help the violence stop,so that everyone can be safe.


Yarlenie M Herrera