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Letter to the President

Reducing College Tuition Prices

Lyndsey Fenton

Honors LA 10


Mr. Eisele

Dear Future President,

I would like to bring a very important issue to your attention. College tuition prices have skyrocketed these last few decades making it very difficult for students to pay off their college debt. As you know, this applies to the majority of students across America and as future president, you have probably met many of these very students facing this increasing debt. I know that cutting college cost completely is not an option, I still believe that the cost should be cut or reduced as time goes on. This would improve student education and raise the bar for what's expected as a graduate because their would be more students willing to go to college. If the prices for tuition decrease, then the student attendance will increase.

Many believe that the tuition prices decrease if you put yourself out there and apply for scholarships. However, in many cases, this is not true. If the college even accepts the scholarship, the price barely drops from the end price. Many people with these opposing views come from those who believe that the only people who will succeed in life is based off of whether they can afford to go to college or stay home.

Writer, Michael Morris, claims on CNS News his recent study taken over students across America. His study shows that an astounding 71 percent of students graduating from a four year college are in student debt. In 1992, only 35 percent of students found themselves in college debt. These numbers are rising progressively and if we don't work together to make a change, our future generations will grow to be even lazier and less motivated than the current generation. These are the doctors, lawyers, political leaders, teachers, and engineers of America’s future. Don't we want them ready to serve the public with as much training and education as possible? They will be unable to do this when they find themselves struggling to afford any classes that can help them get to these places and become these professions. These outrageous prices are holding back these future generations from their true potential.

Some sources argue that students aren't realizing that low income students already get the price of their tuition lowered. The benefits these students get only come through certain circumstances. There are a series of questions these students answer to get their discount. What about the students that aren't low income? These students should not be spending all of their savings and money on a tuition that will hurt them later in life and keep them from achieving their goals. I appreciate your time and hope you can consider my proposal.


Lyndsey Fenton

Clarkston High School

Clarkston Community Schools

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