Ali Michigan

Mandatory Military

My debate against the future of injustice

Commander of the Armed Forces,

I’ve got a bone to pick. Why is this topic open to discussion when it’s practically un-American? The question being asked is whether or not 18 year old citizens should be sent into a mandatory one year of military service. It is a limit of our freedoms as citizens. Also the most popular arguments of those who favor this decision aren’t solid.

We all have our freedoms indeed. Our founding fathers have given us the right not to quarter soldiers long ago. Now the times have taken a twist. The government proposed that those who come of age are to join the military and serve for one year. There are multiple stances on which people stand with this topic. Here’s my stance. I would love it if our new president would use his or her might and shut that nonsense down.

It is highly uncalled for to insist on such a proposition. An eighteen year old is usually someone who is completing or has just completed high school. They have many responsibilities that they’ve just been bombarded with due to adulthood. Protecting the nation with no prior experience is such an undertaking task to enlist upon them. As graduates, they have to either go out into the job force or attend a college to better their education in the field of work they’d like to pursue. Which opens the discussion of my next problem: the popular arguments of this topic.

Some of those who agree with this topic are stating that “those who do not pursue further education or employment” should be in the military for a year. That is a solid argument because those people are not providing a benefit to the nation. But, they shouldn’t be forced to fight against their will if they lack work ethic. That note feeds into the other argument stating “only for those who are starting to build a criminal record” should be placed into the armed forces. Good idea, give weapons to those who are aspiring criminals. Unbelievable! Being in the armed forces have always been and should remain a choice for those who wish to participate. Turning it into a punishment or a civil obligation is utterly ridiculous and quite possibly the most dangerous decision in all of US history.

Proudly Yours,

Ali Mugaza- 12th grader at Grand River Prep HS in Kentwood, MI