Aakash N. Michigan

Police Brutality.

On police brutality and why it needs to stop and how to stop it.

Why police brutality needs to stop but how to change it?

Dear president,

 I am a student at Grand River Prep, my name is Aakash Nanjappa, and I want to make a difference in the world.We need to stop police brutality, but how can we do that? Some of the most recent cases are someone either running away or being arrested, and then being shot. One cop says he sees a weapon, and the next thing you know all you hear are shots and screaming. There are 2 cases that really stick out to me. The shooting of Michael Brown, a young black male shot by Darren Williamson (a white cop), on August, 9, 2014. There was an altercation between the two then brown started running, he went to turn around, and was shot several times by the officer. I believe it could have been avoided, but I also understand cops have a rough job . It's hard to make split-second decisions between life and death. But I feel that cops are too quick to go to the gun. I believe they need better training about how to stop a situation from getting to that point, and if it does how to shoot someone in an areas less likely kill them but wound them.

 Another shooting that stands out to me is Alton Sterling, who was  also a young black male. But in this case, he is on the floor when a cop yells, "Gun!," and the other office shoots him several times with the gun held to his chest. But the man had his hands behind his back. So if there was a gun, he wouldn't have grabbed it with the other officer holding his hands down. 

It's going to be very hard to change police brutality, but I believe as president you should try to push better police training and make sure police can not just shoot people and have no consequence. If you could, encourage the federal government to give the nation's police departments, so that they get more training on how to handle these situations.