Aniah H. Arkansas


Discrimination against other races

Dear, Future President

One of the issues in America for me is discrimination. As an American Citizen and an African American, discrimination and shooting of African Americans in different parts in the U.S. make me feel unsafe for me and other races. The real question is What are you going to do about discrimination in America?

Everytime I watch the news I hear about a police officer killing a black men. I know African Americans is not the most hatred races in America . These killing of black men by a police officer is just for the police officer to make themselves safe and others that are threaten by African Americans. The people that died from those shooting,they were innocent people. On the news it says they were unarmed, walking away from the police, or on the ground with their arms and legs up saying please do not shoot.

The police officers shoot to kill if it’s African Americans. For example when they find a person from ISIS who was responsible for shooting at Washington State Mall. The police officers shot him in the arm.They did not shoot to kill him. They also called an ambulance for him. While he is trying to kill innocent people. If a person is shooting or fighting with police they did not shoot them or they shoot them in place where it does not kill them, But they kill innocent African Americans.

Discrimination is one of the issue for me. So What are you going to do about discrimination in America? Are you going to stop it or allow it.?


Aniah Hall 

Searcy High School

Ms. Simpson's PAP American History Class

Searcy High School Searcy, AR

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