Amaya California

College Cost

The cost of education is more than it is worth

Dear next president,

College and education are one of the most important things in America. People are praised for their credentials here and getting credentials cost money especially for college and less you have a scholarship and for some people it is hard to obtain good grades in high school and it makes it harder for them to get a scholarship and that maybe because they don't have a very good education systems. Today college prices are very expensive the average college in America cost anywhere from $32,000-$43,000 a year just for tuition. That is insane, if you don't have credentials here in America it is very hard to get a job and I know that speaking from my own parents experiences.

When it is harder to get a job legally at least it's harder to support your family so you have to turn and find something else to do and if you cannot support your family then you're going to be homeless and homelessness is rising in America.

So I believe that you should help with this problem lower rent prices help people be able to afford college because college is way too expensive for some people to pay. Number two colleges are also very greedy and that should be against the law because they make millions and billions of dollars a year investing in private prisons which makes no sense because private prisons are taking tally mark of how many people are going to end up in there so when education system in the prison system are working together that's setting up people for failure especially minorities: black and Latino people or Hispanics.

I would also like you to help good jobs so they could go to college if we choose not to be nice and try to make college free that you should help them get jobs so we can at least try to pay for it. I believe college should be free because my sister when she went to college she had to pay a lot of money and I think that's very unfair because she couldn't afford that at all she wanted to do was educate herself are in there for much a bunch in the public school systems. for certain cities public schools are not very good at finding their education which means it is harder for students to learn so it's harder for them to go to college and if they can't go to college then that leads back into how they can't get a job and what not.