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The Cost of College Tuition

stop the rise of college tuition costs

Dear future president,

In high school teachers, parents, and counselors are constantly pushing for students to go to college after graduating high school. Even though colleges offer student loans and scholarships, tuition is still extremely expensive and tuition continues to rise, discouraging more and more students to consider going to college. According to The College Board, “the average 2014-2015 tuition increase was 3.7 percent at private colleges, and 2.9 at public universities”. Personally, I do not want to spend my life working hard to pay off huge amounts of college debt.

It is important for a person to receive a good college education because it increases the chances of getting a good job. For instance, people who want to change their life around can pull themselves out of poverty with education, but the outrageous costs of college is a major roadblock for most. For instance the College Board states that “average published tuition and fees at public four-year colleges and universities increased by 13% and 2015 dollars over the five years from 2010-11 to 2015-16, following a 24% increase between 2005-06 and 2010-11”. In addition some people do well in high school and have the potential to soar in college, and unfortunately they never get the chance to go to college because of the costs. Furthermore there is more than just college tuition that has to be payed for such as food, living, and books. Society should be taught about the many college avenues. It needs to be taught that there is not just one college path to take. One plan you can have it to go to community college for two years and then transfer into a state or university. This plan can save a lot of money. I am a senior in high school and I have been thinking about colleges almost everyday trying to make a plan. In the end you do not have to go to an expensive college to be successful. It only matters how hard you work and that is why I am going to community college for two years and then transferring into a state school which will save me tons of money for me and my family and it does not change what career I will choose for myself. Students consider going to community college after high school as failing, but it is not a dead end if you try hard to get decent grades and transfer to a state school or university.

There is not many things in life that are guaranteed and as humans we change our minds all the time. For instance, it is not guaranteed that you will love the college you go to and loved a month ago. It is a solution to go to college overseas because it is cheaper, but you might end up wanting to transfer after paying to go to that school. This is another reason college tuition should be lowered because growing up means your going to change your mind and it is hard to leave a college if you have paid to go there. Another reason college tuition should be lowered is because some people decide to go to college in different states then their family are living in, which makes it hard for them to get back home to their family because it costs more money to fly home. I am very close with my family and if anyone in my family got sick or I got sick I would want to be with them. It might not be possible to fly home because it is expensive to travel and after paying for college you or your family might not be able to pay the money for a plane ticket.

Finally, I come to my conclusion that if college tuition prices are lowered more and more people will go get a further education after high school, leading to a more happy successful society. Also if more people are educated on the fact that going to community college first is not a dead end and the more people that understand that the more motivated they will be to get a college education. Furthermore parents will not have to feel guilty because they could not afford a big fancy private school for their deserving children. Lastly, we all deserve the right to the best education we can get and money should not be the reason someone does not get to attend their dream college because in the end everyone want to celebrate that acceptance letter from an outstanding college.


SeaJae S.

Newbury Park High School

Lilly - English 12CP

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