Amaya Georgia


The problem with people not going to college.

Dear Next President,

When you were growing up, didn't your parents advise you to go to college? As I am getting older, I am realizing that everyone's parents should be more involved and tell their kids that they need to go to college. There is definitely an issue in the United States when kids and young adults are not focused on going to college.

About eighty (80) percent of students are graduating high school….yet less than half of these students are ready for what's next. In my mind, this means that if you are not ready to go then you most likely will not go at all. This is really important because if you don't get a good education then you are not going to get a valuable job to support yourself or your future family. For example, one of my family friends did not go to college herself. At the moment, she works full time at McDonald's. She does not make very much money and can not support herself like she needs to be doing. 

Research also shows that the financial cost is another reason that people can not go to college. Twenty three (23) percent of people can not afford it. Mr/Ms. President, I please ask you to pull down college classes so at least half of students can get a Bachelor's degree. If young Americans do not at least get a Bachelor's degree, then we are failing.  College needs to be more affordable so we can be successful.  

I understand that not every one significant in history has gone to college, and you may think that other people from our generation should not have to go as well. However, if we kids can not learn then what is the point of having schools, teachers, and technology? So, I please ask that you at least encourage kids to college and lower prices.