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Dear Next President

I'm talking about how we can help or fix gun control. also talking about people with PTSD and how they are affected and how they can

Dear Next President,

What do you think about guns? Guns are used for good and bad. Can’t avoid them. Think about people who have PTSD. There mood swings can change in less than 5 seconds. Many people are diagnosed with bipolar disorder and it affect their mental health. People who know they have PTSD go get help at times they might not care and not get help or there are people who don't have a clue and they don’t even know they have mood swings because they will be in denial and don’t know they need to get help. The reason why am I telling you this is simple people kill people from depression, anger, and sadness. There are many reasons why people want to kill other people. It’s not just people with PTSD is also people with bad intentions, for example people who are in gangs and young people going under peer pressure or people who are not necessarily thinking straight and don't know what they are doing. They are many stories I can tell you, but I’m sure you are aware of what is going on with our youth today.

The part that I found to be the saddest thing about this situation is that just about anybody can get a gun without or without a permit. The other day, I recall watching a video where I saw of a young boy around the age 15-17 years old, who wanted to buy a lottery ticket. The boy was laughed at because he was to young but he walked into a gun store and without any question asked he bought a gun without a single problem. So what can we do to stop or fix this. We can't go to door to door and ask or check if they have a gun hidden or laying around. Many people have guns for their safety.

Other people have guns just to because maybe they have something bad planned and they want to hurt someone. To fix or to try to work through getting a gun we can make getting a gun harder. We can not stop people from buying guns. There are many reasons why people want to hurt one another but we can make peace not war. Not all people will understand but people who do will help and get gun safety. Having guns is important to have for authority. But also policeman may make a mistake and shoot someone on accident and they don't mean to but it happened we should have something that can protect the gun. There are many things created now in this generation that will help guns and protect the person and the gun and anybody else involved.

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