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Letter to the President

We need to support immigrants

Dear Future president,

I think our number one problem you should focus on is immigration. According to Migration Policy Institute there are 13.3 % immigrants here of the United States populations today and they are just here for a better life not just for them but for their children. I for one thing we have the power to help them with employment and housing situations and maybe get them a part time job to start out with so they can make some money to feed their families. I know when my real dad came here he had nothing. He then met my mom, and 2 years later he was deported. I was 2 and at that time my mom had 5 kids on her own and she had to work full time but that is a different story. What I'm trying to say, Mr./Ms. President,  is that immigrant families don’t have it easy. If we all were in immigrant families’ shoes I think we would want a better life too. Am I right? I hope you can make a change in our world and make the right choice to help those in need.

When immigrants get deported they have to wait about 1-3 years to begin to get their citizenship. That is a long time if you think about it, especially if they have families here. If US citizens could only wear their shoes we could all see how hard it is. I want the next President to try and make it happen and get the ball rolling and make a difference in their country and push ahead and try something to help. If Donald Trump becomes president honestly he won’t care because he hates immigrants and I don’t understand why he does they just want a better life.

When we all say the national anthem it has “land to the free” meaning this is a free country and anyone here has a choice of who, how, and what they want to be. Not oh you came from Mexico your illegal go back this isn’t a free country. I for one think that messed up. My ancestors didn’t come here because they wanted to be illegal they came here to start over a better life and become something great.

In conclusion I think that immigration is a big problem in our state today. The reason I think this is because yes we do have a lot of people who are undocumented here in the United States, and I think we can help them in any need they need us. Like giving them steps to get their citizenship, a easy job for them to start on something they can get their lives started. I wish our country wasn’t so enclosed because honestly the 2 upcoming presidents will probably start World War 3 or make every other country hate us. That's what I think is going to happen. I'm glad I’m not voting this year. It’s honestly a guessing game if you think about it. I hope we make a great decision who should be our leader and who shouldn’t. All in all I am probably moving soon so it won’t matter.   

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American Studies

New Tech High's Junior class. This is a team taught US History and Literature class.

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