Leila California

Discrimination is Real

Discrimination is a never ending problem in our world which causes unnecessary pain and trauma. Discriminating others because of their skin color or beliefs isn't right. When cut we all bleed red.

Dear President,

     Racism is a really big problem. There are too many stereotypes that cause huge problems in today's society. People become wary around Muslims because of stereotypes. Blacks are arrested more because of stereotypes. Hispanics are harassed because of stereotypes. When people think of America they think "Land of the Free", when in reality it means you will be discriminated and put into stereotypical categories if you aren't white.

      For those who are refugees, America doesn't want them to come here because they happen to not be like us. The refugees come here for sanctuary. Do you think they really want to come here? To pick up their lives abruptly and move with only a few of their belongings, leaving a whole life that they built for themselves and their families, only to realize that they aren't even accepted here and they may have to go back? Back to a world of war where people are brutishly murdered in their homes? Their houses destroyed and crumbling?

     If you were to put yourself in someone else's shoes and walk only just a mile what would you see? How would you feel? Do you think it would be easy? These points lead to discrimination against others. We are the future that can make a change. We are the future that can make America great by making America accepting. 

Rancho Bernardo High School


Mrs. Ugalde's sophomore writers

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