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College Cost

Evidence and reasons of why the president should lower college tuition and debt.

Dear Next President,

The future of our country is on our youth, the children, the teenagers, but the future that's heading to us now is on college students. Though it appears that college students are struggling to pay tuition to even stay in college. How do we expect them to go to college with the fear of debt, or the fear of having to drop out. Students throughout the U.S. have no idea how to pay off tuition or loans, and not even go to college due to it being too expensive. As the president, you should look for solutions on how to lower tuition, especially for those who don’t receive financial aid. The future is on college students, we want them to help and care for our country, so we should do all we can for them now.

Students in the U.S. have a hard time paying tuition to stay in college.The Ohio State University study analyzes,”Seven out of 10 college students feel stressed about their personal finances...Nearly 60 percent said they worry about having enough money to pay for school, while half are concerned about paying their monthly expenses.” Going to college is how students get their careers to be able to pay bills, they shouldn’t have to worry about debt, all they should focus on is their education which will eventually determine their important roles for this life.There’s a big chance studnets going into college won’t know how difficult it’ll be to stay in college. The New York Times stated,"one of the biggest shocks is when students come in as freshman & a semester later there’s a fee increase”... Parents who have been laid off or are facing foreclosure have had a tough time helping their children when college cost go up…” At some point, high school students may not even bother going to college due to it being too expensive or not getting enough financial aid.

It seems that most college students leave with a great amount of debt. The CNN Money U.S.+ study suggest, “40 million Americans now have at least one outstanding student loan,... On average, borrowers are carrying roughly four student loans each...the average balance has increased to $29,000 from $23,000.” Our senior citizens have already done so much for this country, and are already at the final years of their life, why make them worry about debt they had from college 40 or 50 years ago. Recent college graduates have to sacrifice so much due to owing debt. According to Student Loan Hero, “-44% have postponed traveling the world. More than one in three (41%) have postponed buying a house or apartment. One in four (25%) have had to postpone moving out of their parents’ homes. 47% of Americans have put off purchasing a car. One in five Americans have put off running their own business. Another one in five have been unable to work in their field of study.” Why make them stop living the life they planned out for themselves when they went college to make it happen.

Although college cost is a big problem to most families and students , there are people who don’t have trouble paying their loans, due to families being financially stable, and think tuition shouldn’t be lowered. Many think that lowering or making tuition free, would only cause problems. explains, “Because of their tuition-free status, many schools might have to create wait lists or expand the ones they already have. State budgets could become strained, which might lead to cuts and decreased access to the programs that students want to take.” Along with it causing other things, people think that education has been easier to pay and handle over the years, especially with financial aid. The Odyssey Online said,“Even education beyond a bachelor’s degree is not assured to be fruitful. In 2008,59 percent of people with a master’s degree were underemployed. Wages have also decreased the past decade. Wages, adjusted for inflation, are 2.5 percent lower than they were in 2000.” So if people think students have it difficult now, they should be grateful wages have at least decreased

In conclusion, you as the Leader of our Nation, should be concerned on the education of the college students. A solution that can be used for this concern could be improving Barack Obama’s Tuition-Free Community College for Responsible Students, and seeing how well it worked before. Before Obama’s solution was an idea, but with your improvement it can be a promise for the future of students. Students will no longer worry about tuition, many will pursue their dreams for important roles and adventures they want in life, and it will be thanks to you. 

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