Lexus S. California

Personal Choices

Many personal choices such as Abortion and Same-Sex marriage, have a controversial title, but its up to us to put an end to that.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

It’s a horrible feeling when what you feel is right is strongly ridiculed upon. Millions of Americans experience this when the topic of same-sex marriage or abortion are brought up. These two topics are the most controversial subjects and there is no reason for the disapproval by our fellow human beings.

Abortion and same sex marriage are both objectives of our liberal right to the pursuit of happiness. Both are decisions based on personal choices. While everyone has a right to their own opinion, it is embedded in our Declaration of Independence that everyone has the right to pursue happiness. How can they do that if there is a fear of being mobbed or judged? In recent years abortion and same-sex marriage have been opened up in terms of laws, but still most of the public remains closed-minded to the topics.

Law and Order is what this country has been built upon. In the United States if someone kills a pregnant women they are not charged with double homicide, only single homicide because the fetus is not considered alive until born. If in the eyes of the law a fetus is not considered alive, there should be no argument against abortion. The argument brews because of the misunderstanding of the topic.

Only a few years back were two men or two women allowed to marry one another. By making a personal decision illegal, the right of survivorship was taken away from those who were refused. That means if their loved one passed away they could not inherit anything of their loved one, no matter how long their commitment was to one another.

As president in this day and age there is a lot of influential power in your hands and that’s where you come in. If the president actively participated in these subjects that more people could be more influenced to not be so closed-minded on the subjects and be a bit more open minded to these decisions of others. The guidance which you can provide can lead to more U.S. citizens to have a better understanding of Abortion and Same-sex marriage.


                                                                                         Lexus S. 

Newbury Park High School

Lilly - English 12CP

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