Andrew N.

"Simply Pollution"

Pollution is clouding up our country.

Dear Mr. President,

Pollution has been neglected for some time now, but we can’t denied that it is a huge problem and one that has a big and long effect. For once, it is time to step up and take responsibility for what we have contributed to. When I was young, I have always thought the world was a perfect place and that it can never change, but I soon realized how naive I was, simply because of pollution and how it affects everything. It has affected many lives worldwide and is still growing. Not just humans are affected though, all animals from land to sea to air are all affected in all a bad way, and plants are affected as well. Humans are exposed to many harmful bacterias and particles. Animals can die from eating trashes that we littered. Plants can die from harmful contaminants entering the soil. These are only some of the effects of how all living beings are affected and it will only grow more severe.

Pollution is the contamination of air, water, or soil by substances that are harmful to living organisms. There are 6 types of environmental pollution which includes: land pollution which is littering or trash, water pollution which is waste or trash in the water, air pollution which is toxic gas in the air, thermal pollution which is change in temperature that harms life, light pollution which is brightening of the night sky, and noise pollution which is harmful level of noise. Each of these pollution’s effects varies depending on it and each has different source of cause.

All types of pollution has two type of sources, the point and nonpoint sources. The point sources are easy to identify and control, but the nonpoint sources are hard to identify and control. It can come from littering, burning of fuel, or just disposal of waste. We can stop it by trying to be more energy conserving. We can use another source of transportation or use fuel efficient vehicles, save energy but not leaving your television constantly on and turn off lights that you are not using, this can save money on your electricity bill also. Also you can buy energy - efficient appliances and use environmentally friendly cleaning products. These are only some of the things you can do to reduce pollution.

Pollution has many effects on our world, both severe and not. Some can contribute ;to our planet warming up, others can lead to polluting water sources which can lead to infertile land, and most of all there are a few effects that affect both humans and all living things. Pollution usually affect our insides, like when we breathe, drink, and eat polluted things and most of the time these can barely be avoided. Without the help of human’s inventions most of us would all be eating and drinking polluted objects. Today we can barely do anything without our current technology, but in truth most of it would harm the environment in some ways which can lead to pollution.

Many people still hasn’t realized that pollution is growing more severe by the day, they believed that they haven’t contribute to this growing danger that has endangered many people’s lives. They are oblivious to the incoming danger of pollution. They don’t believe of the endangerment of our earth and its species. They believe that it is a natural occurrence, but I know that we are contributing to it so we should take responsibilities. Mr. President you are probably still wondering what you should do, you have a variety of choices, you can fund clean up groups, you can start one up yourself, or you can find a more efficient source of energy, and there are way more options, don’t be limited to just what I say. We can’t do this without you, Mr. President.