Collin L. Minnesota

Minimum wage proposal

Do not raise minimum wage

Do Not raise minimum wage

Why Not?

Raising minimum wage has been steady throughout history due to the very common misconception of people thinking that if they work for minimum wage and minimum wage gets raised then it's like they're getting a raise and it's win because people get more money, however This is not the case when the minimum wage Is raised the cost of living is raised by an equivalent percent however what is not raised right away if at all is the pay rate of those who do not make minimum wage such as someone who went to college and is making more money.

More money for people or less ?

Though many people believe that raising minimum wage will mean more money for those who are making minimum wage it won't be whenever the minimum wage is raised the cost of living is raised by an equal percent . Why does the price of living raise ? Because the companies producing the products that are paying their employees minimum wage now have to raise their prices to continue profiting because they now have to pay their employees more money . so in turn they don't make anymore money however someone who wasn't working for minimum wages pay might not be raised right away if at all now people who were used to living in a certain class can't live in that class any longer because there job is making the same amount of money and the prices of everything went up causing them to be unable to afford their bills causing them to lose homes, vehicles, and other possessions. Because they make less money so in turn turn minimum wage does not make people more money it makes them less.

What problems could this cause ?

What problems could raising minimum wage cause , well as listed before it could cause people to lose there home vehicles and possessions due to the new price of living but is there anything else ? yes there is it could cause the unemployment rate to skyrocket and not just a little bit either , it could cause the loss of thousands of jobs if not hundred of thousands . jobs would be lost because of small business not being able to afford the name minimum wage so they either go under or have to let multiple employees go . not only could small businesses go under and have to get rid of employees but larger companies could and many more if they wanna keep profiting they might also be forced to have lay off because they can't afford to pay as many employees minimum wage so it would cause job loss as well as the previously listed problems

The breakdown

Would you want to pass a law that's going to cause people to lose their homes their vehicles their possessions forcing them to move social classes . A law that would cause job loss countrywide and businesses to go under , a job that would make unemployment rates skyrocket. And all for what ? A fake facade to make people think they're earning more money when in reality there rates are staying the same ad is only hurting those who are working for more than minimum wage and only making people gain less money . I wouldn't . however if these are things you want then pass the law to raise minimum wage.

-Collin L

-Grade 11