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transgender policies

Dear future president,

As you come into your presidency, there are many things that must be addressed sooner than later. The biggest issue that government should address first is transgender bathroom policies. It should be precedent that this nation stops the discrimination towards transgender citizens, not only in the bathroom but also in everyday life. These bathroom policies have made an increase in bullying towards transgender people particularly in school, and disputes between opposing groups on the topic.

These bathroom policies have created many disputes between opposing groups. Whether it's companies and customers like Target, schools and students or partners, or just in general between transgender and non transgender people. One example is at Atherton High School in Louisville Kentucky. This school has had multiple students come out as transgender, because of this they have had to come up with a solution. They chose to make it available for these students to go in either bathroom. Many of the families and students in the school district greatly opposed this. They felt worried that someone could just pretend to be transgender, just so that they could rape someone in the bathroom or locker room. This school in particular stayed with their decision and made it acceptable for this students that felt unsafe in the bathrooms to use the office single person bathroom. This school did the right thing they offered a good solution that would benefit both parties in this issue, as well as being understanding of these transgender students. More places should go about this way, at least in school, so that transgender students can carry on with using the bathroom with hopefully no harassment.

One major issue with these new bathroom policies is mostly targeted near high school trans gender's. Transgender students have expressed their concerns of having separate bathrooms just for them. Also in this same high school, Atherton High School, those students have stated their worries. After the school made a policy on transgender bathrooms, many parents and student called to repeal this decision and instead create a gender numeral bathroom. One transgender student named Maddie Dalton responded saying “First of all, it makes you a target for bullying and, like, harassment. It puts it in everyone’s minds that you are different, and you are something to be looked at, not as, like, a person, but as whatever characteristic is differentiating you, like being trans” (Maddie Dalton). As Maddie says when making students use a gender numeral bathroom it say that they are different, and allows ways for harassment and bullying to slide into their lives. 3 out of 4 transgender youth experience sexual harassment at school. Also only 13 out of 50 states offer protection of discrimination to transgender citizens. A gender neutral bathroom could lead to discrimination towards these kids by creating barriers of differences instead of similar things.

On the other hand many people are very worried due to the fact of possible outcomes with these bathroom policies. No matter what government chooses to do on this policy there will always be someone to think differently. The government should figure out a solution to help both parties in this issues but mostly focus on helping the transgender community for discrimination in these circumstances. Many non transgender people aren't worried that they are sharing a bathroom or a locker room with transgender person. That is mostly not the case, many are worried that allowing transgender people into the bathroom they associate with will allow others to pretend to be transgender and violate others in the bathroom in ways like rape. One woman that opposed the bathroom policy at, Atherton high school, said “The girls at this school expect to be able to go into a restroom and feel safe. Because of this policy, we no longer have that assurance.” It's sad that these students are worried about their safety in an area that should be relatively safe.

Students should feel safe in both positions transgender or non transgender. Another person at Atherton High School talked about how it's just the bathroom. You walk in do your business and walk out. Transgender students shouldn't be worried about discrimination and non transgender shouldn't be worried about what could happen to them in a public bathroom. Government needs to come to a solution on what happens with public bathrooms and transgender citizens. They must figure out the closest solution to appeal to both transgender and non transgender citizens