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Homelessness Across the World

No one should have to live in the streets because we are all born equal and deserve the same rights.

Homelessness has become a very big problem across the globe and needs to be addressed. “Almost 400 youth under 25 years of age live in the streets, while the Homeless Trust and city of Miami has signed a pact creating fifty more shelter beds in the city, the number of homeless people has reached 4,152 in the county as of 2014 and has stayed steadily the same.” (Sperbeck, #1) Miami, Florida is highly affected with homeless people and according to statistics 400 youth under 25 are living in the streets! Imagine how many more there are if that is just kids under 25. I believe that finding homes/shelters for everyone should be the priority of our future President because no one, especially kids shouldn’t be living on the streets.

My position on this topic is really anything I want it to be. Something that I could do for this issue is work hard to raise money for charities or homeless shelters. Another thing that I need to do is always be grateful and never take the things I have for granted. There is too many homeless people, and we hope to provide a solution to this problem by finding homes or shelters not arresting them or banning them from certain areas. Before the Rio Olympics: But “cleaning the streets,” as the project is euphemistically known, is not an effort to haul garbage but to sweep away homeless people and drug dealers — including the often drug-addicted children who live on the sidewalks of some of Rio’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Anna Sullivan is prohibited from sitting on a sidewalk. She cannot wander off to find food without worrying that the police might seize her shopping cart. She cannot sleep on Waikiki Beach without fear of being rousted. (Kaplan, pg #1) This matters, because no one should be swept away or arrested because they want their city to look good, they should find a home or shelter for them. Additionally, Homelessness is a real problem and everyone deserves a good home, not just those who are rich or good looking etc. In San Francisco, there are 795 people per 100,000 residents that are homeless. New York has 887, followed by Seattle with 487. (Sze, pg #1) This matters because that number is way too high for people who have no shelter. This is extremely sad, especially because we know that almost everyone spends their money on things they “want” not need, while these people are looking simply for necessities. I know that if we all step in and spend our money a little more wisely that we can most definitely decrease these numbers and even end homelessness across the world.

While we all would like to stop this devastating condition, homelessness, without almost everyone putting forth effort is could be easy to lose hope. We could lose hope and just forget about or think, “There is always tomorrow,” because it is going to be really hard to end homelessness. Every day, street outreach workers in cities across the nation go out into communities to encourage people on the street to take shelter, but many homeless people refuse. Homeless people refuse to take refuge in shelters so sometimes people are doing everything they can do to help the homeless but they don’t budge. (Shapiro, pg #1) This matters cause no matter how hard it could be or how stubborn they are we need to strive to end homelessness. Although, fighting to end homelessness could be hard, stressful, or long we can never stop and we need to be strong to achieve the global goals.

Something that the president can do to help solve this issue, is not just push it away, they could make sure that there is enough shelters for everyone or instead of sweeping them away to make their city look good they could really get involved and not give up on trying to find a home for everyone. I would say No Poverty. I say this because the basic things you need, food, shelter, clothing all cost money and I believe that we can do this, by not spending our money on useless things when people all across the world are looking for simple necessities. This would help support because if there were no homeless people than others would notice that the UN is really doing its best to reach its goals like no poverty etc. This is important because we are all born equal and no one deserves to be starving or feel not cared for or sweeped away and we need to put this at the top of our priorities.

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