Aja Minnesota

Cost of college

The college tuition should be lowered.

Future President

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington, D.C.


Dear Future President,

I'm looking forward to attending college in the future, and so is all of my friends. The main reason stopping teenagers like us for enrolling in a college is not being able to afford it. College tuition should be lowered because high tuition makes people question if college is really worth it, students with more wealthy parents are more likely to enroll and graduate from college and the reason the tuition hasn't been lowered is because the money is moving from us, the students, to the taxpayers.

College tuition should be lowered because the students enrolling are questioning whether or not it's worth it to go to college based on the price. Also more students enroll and graduate from a college with wealthier parents. 90% of wealthier parents have students who enroll in college. Students shouldn't have to focus on the debt that they have to pay off but rather be focusing on their education and if students are worried about money than they question if they should even go to college. I think this is unnecessary because everyone should have an equal opportunity to their education and to get a good job in the future. If student enrollment tuition was lowered there would be a better chance of all students having an equal opportunity.

By lowering college tuition, the amount of money doesn't just drop, it moves from the students to the taxpayers. The taxpayers may have to pay more taxes but by slowly lowering the college tuition it would be slowly raising the taxes and wouldn't be super noticeable. Also most taxpayers have children of their own they have or will be going to college and they will understand why the taxes are being raised and appreciate it in the long run. Lowering college tuition will take effect on other people other than the college students but it will make it more affordable.

College tuition should lower so all students have an equal opportunity and can focus on their education rather than the money they need to pay. Wealthier families get more opportunities and students are beginning to feel like college isn't worth it because of the raise in tuition fees. I think we need to work to lower college tuition because I'm looking forward to experiencing a great college and grow in my education.


Aja A.