Karen R. Minnesota


Immigrants should not be deported and should be given the citizenship if meets requirements.

Dear President,

Why should we let immigrants get the citizenship? There are over 11 million immigrants living in america. The spending and taxes of these immigrants make up a whopping 162 billion dollars of tax revenue each and every year. Undocumented aliens are willing to take all kinds of jobs to support their families. about half of the undocumented population has minor children that have many of them born in the United States.

The reason I’m so concerned about this topic is because I have so much family that want to come to america but they can’t. The reason being that they are illegal and are not allowed to come to the U.S. For example If my sister came would would be able to get a life that she deserves and not suffer where she is at right now. My sister is not stable in any shape or form. If my sister was here she would take advantage and maybe get a job and get a degree in something that she loves to do.

The U.S. lets in about 660,000 legal immigrants per year ever since 1998. In april of 2010 there was a law passed in arizona that allows officers to check legal papers if suspected of being an illegal immigrant. 55% of immigrants come from mexico and 44% of immigrants live in california, texas, new york, florida, and illinois. Also the population of immigrants is growing about 275,000 people each year.

This is an issue today because Donald Trump has been saying so much negativity and has made immigration such a big issue. He has so many thoughts on immigration that is has gotten the world’s attention and it has gotten out of control. This needs to stop as soon as possible before something might happen in the future.

Let’s take Donald Trump as an example again, he has been saying that he was to take out all mexicans of the country and build a wall to prevent them to get into the U.S. There is a side that is against it but there’s also a side that is all for it. Many people have has so many problems because of being on a “side”. To be honest I think we should all be treated the same and stop categorizing each other.

You should consider to just let the immigrants get a chance and have the residency for a good 4 years and if they meet the requirements for example not committing any crimes. Then they can get the chance to get the citizenship and have the life a human being deserves. Trust me if you considered doing this is would mean so much to so many people



15 yrs