Angelica s. California

Racial Inequality

A letter to the future president about racial inequality against people of color.

Dear future President,

          Racial inequality has been an issue not only in my own community but also all over the world. Power, wealth, and life opportunities based upon their skin tone have been a distribution on the causes of racial inequality. This problem caused by this has been known from the time of slavery till now. Now president how can we make "America great" without giving the people equality that makes them have the same and equal rights instead of separate but equal rights.

         According to dosomething.Org African Americans are only 13% of the US and over 37% of African-Americans I brought out as, "Killers, drug dealers, addicts, and criminals. But white folks are less likely to be pulled over and seen as an enemy then Latinos and African-Americans. On September 21, 2016 a recent shooting was released to the public. Terrence Crutcher an African American man, a father of four was characterized as a " bad dude " LA time’s quotes. In the footage Terrence's hands were held up while slowly walking to his broken down vehicle. Car footage was recording everything Terence was doing. He had called for help but instead he was seen as a threat and not a civilian. As he walked towards his broken down car to police officers had their guns pointing to his back. As Crutcher pools down to reach something from his vehicle Betty Shelby, a police officer, pulls the trigger and Crutcher falls to the ground. The helicopter surrounding the whole incident had voice coming out of it saying, " that's a bad dude" before Cruncher was shot. How is it that a man's color portraits his character and who he is as a person? If a white man had done this he wouldn't be seen as a threat but maybe question. Crutcher was not a question on what was happening, he was simply a threat because of his differences.

        All men and women are created the same there are some who do good and some who do bad. One does not characterize the rest of the Race or speaks for their capabilities but in the society I live in people are seen as muggers, dealers, etc. because of what people are accustomed to and what they have heard about a race.


Angelica s.