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Violent Video Games in the United States

Violent video games are impacting the minds of our nations young

Dear Secretary Clinton,

The amount of violence in today's day in age among America's youth. We have been comfortable allowing young children to very explicit content in video games. We as a country need to limit the amount of violence we include in some of the video games we are producing nowadays. In order to limit the amount of violence, we need to limit one of the main sources that they are getting their violence exposure to. Video games can be a fun way to hang with friends and socialize, but the violence is getting out of hand.

This violence in video games desensitizes the violence that they see in real life, making it seem not as bad and making these crimes not realistic (Pros and Cons of Video Games, Occupy Theory). In games such as Battlefield, the objective is to kill. In GTA 5, the objective is to steal, kill and get as much money as possible. With the limited amount of times people get killed in the games, many believe that things will be the same in real life. This sends them down a very dark path.

The importance of limiting violence in video games may not be the biggest issue, but is sure causing some problems in America. It has been shown that children who are exposed to lots of violence in games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and most importantly GTA 5 are at an increased chance of committing actual crimes and violence in real life, therefore making our country less safe and proposing potential threats to innocent people. This issue should not be taken lightly. I believe that we should cut back on the violence, you having to be an adult to purchase said game and need to be a certain age to understand the full explicit content. I do not want a small issue like this spiraling out of control and hurting our country. These video games should not be totally abolished but the violence should be limited and checked.



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