Megan O. New Hampshire

Environmental Awareness

Everyone needs to be aware of all the environmental problems because most of the issues are caused by humans.

Dear Governor Hassan,

I am writing to you because I feel like you should know about all the environmental problems. This topic is something that I am very interested in and how people are affecting the environment. Some of the major problems are pollution, climate change, public health issues, and water pollution. Everyone needs to be aware of all of the environmental problems because most of the issues are caused by humans.

The number one pollutants are industry and motor vehicle exhaust. Soil pollution is caused by industrial waste that takes away all of the essential nutrients. The pollution is definitely caused by humans. Climate change has come in the last few decades. Climate change has affected melting of the polar ice, changes in seasons, occurrence of new diseases, and change in overall weather scenario. Public health issues are a major thing that has occurred from the environmental problems. The biggest health issue is dirty water. The runoff to rivers carries toxins, chemicals and diseases. Water pollution and pollution from industries is causing most of the health issues. Clean water is becoming a rare thing to get.

The first thing that I believe should happen is to inform the public about it. A thing that people can do about pollution is that they can try to walk places instead of taking vehicles. I know some people can’t always walk, but if they are going with a group they could carpool. I know some environmental issues can not be fixed, but we can at least inform the public about it and that way they will be aware about everything that is going on.



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