Frederik Iowa

Police Brutality

Police Brutality is an issue in todays society

Dear Future President

I think police brutality is a big problem because in some places the police judge people just because of their skin color or religion. That’s not fair and I think that the government should fund more money to body cameras so we can see what the police are doing, and make it easier to prevent police brutality.

Because I think if every officer had a body camera on their uniform they would be more careful about what they do, and I know that not all officers are bad. There are a lot of good cops in our country, but you see police brutality too much in the news. it’s sometimes hard to define what police brutality is because what some people might think is okay, others might think that it’s not okay at all.

The reason why I think this issue is valid is that if police brutality continues people lose respect for the police. I already think that the people who have been victims of police brutality have lost some respect for the police who did it. I think that’s really bad, because everybody should respect the police and see them as good guys not bad guys. People might get some kind of hate to the police for example black people who have been treated badly by the police in many years. I understand them if they don’t like the police, because if the officers think that just because they are black, they must be criminals.

Another way to prevent police brutality could be to take legal action. So every time there is an incident with brutality, report it to the government, so they know what’s going on. If a police officer gets caught doing brutality on someone he should be fired, maybe even thrown to jail depends on the incident.

I also think a protest against police brutality could be effective. If a lot of people showed

up on a police station and showed how angry they are about what’s going on, maybe show some signs that says stop police violence or something like that, even though there has been a lot of protest against police violence already, but I still think that’s effective because then the police and the government can really see how big a problem it is for people. Therefore protest can affect the police in a way that they maybe start thinking, that what they are doing is wrong, and they wanna change, that’s the point of every protest, let everybody see how angry you are about a specific issue.

That was my letter hope you find some of my ideas useful, and I’m sure you will do the best for our country. I believe you can make a difference for our country, trying to prevent police violence, because it’s a serious topic and I think it’s should be stopped as soon as possible.

I wish you all the best.


Frederik Kjaergaard