Ben A. Washington

Police Brutality

I think that there are big flaws in our police systems that need to be addressed.

Dear President,

I think that there are big flaws in our police systems. The first of which I want to point out and talk about is police brutality. A lot of police are doing their job correctly which I really appreciate. When I say this, I am not saying that all police are not doing their job correctly, I am saying that there should be measures so that citizens are not scared of the people who are supposed to protect them. There are countless cases where policemen go overboard with their job and shoot and kill people who do not pose as threats. There is a case where a casual citizen had his earbuds in and didn't hear the policeman yelling at him. It ended with the policeman shooting him and killing him. This just shows how crazy the police system is. And even crazier, the case with the officer who shot an unarmed citizen who was not committing a crime was justified! The body cam should have been showed before the case was closed because the body cam shows that the officer did something wrong and it should not have been justified.

The second is not as big but still needs to be addressed. Policemen have to go through training but still a lot of them are out of shape and not fit for the job. I was recently watching a video of a policeman who was way out of shape and could not deal with the situation he was presented with. The situation was a man who committed a crime and started running. The policeman needed to chase the man down but had to call in backup in order to catch the man. There is most likely a handful of people who would argue against these claims and would say that there are not many policemen who are this brutal and not fit for the job, and I agree, but it is still not acceptable and still needs to be addressed. This brutality would be reduced or even stopped if we raised more awareness of this topic and take action to make sure that if a case of police brutality came up, the case would not be justified and there would be penalties. Policemen being out of shape and not fit for the job is not so worrisome, just something I wanted to point out, but a yearly fitness check could be applied to limit this.  

Something as simple as police having to wearing body cams at all times would be very helpful.

The Community School

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