Courtney Indiana

The Price of College

We should be lowering the price of college especially if the value of our degree is decreasing.

Dear Future Prez, 

With many juniors and seniors looking at colleges most are intimidated when they see the cost to go. The price of college is constantly increasing and sometimes for the dumbest reasons. College prices are increased not because their education is better but because their college is "fun". I want to know that if I'm paying thousands of dollars to go to college that I know that my degree will help me in my future and if it won't than I shouldn't be paying so much. Colleges forces you into debt for half your life and your not even guaranteed the job you wanted and if you don't get the job you want who knows how long it will take to pay back your college. The cost of college is big for, most of the time, little profit if any. College professors get paid so much to teach two classes and hand over an assignment where high school and elementary teachers teach seven classes and work closely with each student. Why is the other better? The cost of applying to college is even annoying. Why pay $60 to apply to something that your not guaranteed to get into? College is a good experience that people should have (that's what we've always been told) but how are we supposed to experience college if we can't even afford it?