Aundre'ya B. Indiana

The Black Lives Movement

I am writing this letter to you to tell you how I feel about the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Dear future president,

I am Aundre'Ya and I was just wondering how you felt about the black lives matter movement. To me it has turned into a BIG issue .

I care about this issue because it has really affected the USA in a whole. I do stand for black lives matter movement because I am a African American and I feel like I need to stand with my people.

Some suggestions I have is to make it a law that when you are pulled over hold your hands out side of the window. Another one is that police have to where a camera when on duty. My opinion on the issue is that I feel like it just needs to stop.

Others should care about this issue because it's a very crazy and dangerous issue that needs to be taken care of. I think that it's one just one of the many issues in the USA today.

Thanks for reading,

Sincerely,Aundre'Ya from Indiana.