Blay Indiana

Climate Change

This letter is about how the Earth is getting warmer.

Dear Future President, What I think about climate change is that whe need to do something about it. If the Earth is getting warmer and the ice in the North or the South Pole bother melt then there will be lot of water add to the ocean. If this happen then the state by the ocean mite get flooded by the ocean water. We also need to build a wall surrounding the country so no water would come in.

What we need to do about the matter is save a lot of energy so when the flood happen there won't be a blackout. We also need to save lot of life stock and plants so that we can feed the entire country.  We  also need to use renewable energy so it will be save and not hirt the environment. We also need to save supply to build the wall to protect us. We also need to get people ready as well so they can be prepare.

What other matter that we need to take care is illegal immgrants. By building the wall we mite not have illegal immigrants coming in. Whe also need to worrie about super volcano and know when is it about to erupt. We also need to make the Earth heathy so that the world have a great environment.

Sincerely Blaylu from Indiana