Julie H. Indiana

Common Core Math Classes

We do not need calculus in our lives!

Dear Future President, 

As a current high school student, I am credible to say common core classes are not as beneficial as people think. Common core classes are ridiculous and students should not have to be forced to take classes that will not apply to their future lives. A great example about a class that does not apply to our future lives is pre-calculus and calculus. Although there are some jobs or careers who use these math skills obtained from these classes, most people do not need these classes to perform a job after high school. If a student decides to attend college, then math class they take should be determined from their major. By doing this, we would not need to take pre-calculus or calculus. Instead of completely abolishing math in high school, I think we should enforce financial classes. Many students go into college or the "real world" without common knowledge about financial situations. With having these classes in high school and replaces regular math classes, then we can prepare our future leaders to be more successful. More successful leaders equals greater America. Make America Great Again! 

Sincerely, Julie