Zach W. New Mexico


Revolutionizing education.

Dear Future President,

Hello Mr/Mrs President of the United States,

I would first like to start with congratulations on being elected to the highest office in this land. I am a 16-year-old student from Albuquerque, New Mexico, so this means that I don't get a say in how our country is run for another two years. However, I would still like to make my voice heard and what better way to do that then by writing to the President of the United States him/herself. As my future career, I have chosen to be an educator, and I will most likely wind up working at the very school that I am writing this letter from  Exciting life, I know. I do, however, have some concerns about how education works in the country right now.

Everywhere where you go in the world the education system is generally the same. All schools have the same core subjects were maths and sciences are generally viewed as better and more advanced subjects were as arts are the at the bottom of this hierarchy and this attitude stems from the belief that you can't do anything with arts or languages in life, which could not be further from the truth. There are many issues with education and people in power constantly say we need an education reform, but reform suggests changing something in minor ways to improve it. It suggests that we are close to a great system when I would argue we are nowhere near it. What I put forth to you is the idea of an education revolution! Public Education was introduced to our country around 150 years ago. We can look at almost anything from 150 years ago, for example cars less than 150 years ago a car was a luxury that almost nobody had the privilege of having and it was a Model-T. Today a Lamborghini or a corvette is what we consider a luxury car and according to United States Department of State, 95% of American homeowners have a car and most cars have GPS tracking and phone service built in. The reason I bring this up is because if cars can go through such a revolutionary change then why can’t education in America. If we take a look at the way that education is done in America it is set up the exact same way it was 150 years ago. All the desks are lined up and everyone faces the front of the classroom. You have to raise your hand to do anything this is because education systems were brought about during the industrial revolution to prepare kids for working in the factories. Well, I have news for you; people are NOT mechanical beings that can be told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Humans are organic, we live and we change; not all people are the same, some people are more talented at dancing and some people are more talented at math. It is my belief that education should not be a rigorous set of courses designed to get everybody to the same point in life by the age of 18. Education should be fluid and change because education is defined as the learning through a systematic instruction, not learning to get ready for college.

All that I ask is that you read my letter and take under consideration some of the ideas that I have put forth. I know that I have not suggested a solution to the problem I have described, but I think that you and people like Ken Robinson could do great things in the way of education, and because I love Bill Nye, “Dare I say it, change the WORLD!” Congratulations on your presidency, and I hope that you can do great things for the future of this country and of education.