Megan S. Indiana


The president should be kind to everyone.

Dear next President,

Please be kind. You are the face of this country. I don't want someone who belittles others to get "ahead" in life to represent us when is comes to foreign affairs, or even to your own citizens. Everyone deserves to be respected. I know that the campaign trail brings the worst out of the candidate, but I ask that the cruelness ends there. Go out of your way to show kindness to others, and in the end the work will pay off. Whether you volunteer for the needy, or help clean up local parks, put your face out there that you actually care about the people of this great nation. You will be better respected if you show kindness to others, but it will take time. This election has brought out the worst in you. I hope you get the chance to read this letter. Thank you for your time!

A US Citizen,

Megan Steif