Veronica Indiana

Higher Education

We really need higher education for many students

Dear future president,

        I think we need higher education. Why I think that is because some kids barely learn anything. Kids need to learn more things or else they won't be smart. That's why we need to have higher education.

        Next, my opinion/ suggestions on this issue is that we should invite kids to other schools. Also to see what they like about the education at that school. Then they could learn more about at that school than what they already know. We could also teach them a few more things that they want to learn about. We could do that so they don't have to just sit and watch us do all the work and they don't get to do any activities.

        Last, others should care about this issue because what if was their child. They would want their child to get an education. So why not let other children get an education. That's why others should care about this topic.

                                                                 Sincerely, Veronica Jones from IN