Summer R Iowa


A lot of states as we know have band on a lot of breeds, for no real reasons. Here I plan to enlighten you on why we should remove these bans.

Dear next President,

Hello, my name is Summer and I am a lover of all dogs, well most. As our future leader, I would like to talk to you about why these bans are in place and why they should be removed. 

In the US alone, we have over 40 states that have outlawed owning a pit bull, and over 70 u.s cities have BSl in place. Why we all may ask? Well because as the world looks at a pit bull they see a jaw locking child killing monster that is of nothing but harm to us. As if saying a pit bull has no way of being nice and all they want to do it bite us all. Yet, as most of us pit bull lovers know and most of the educated population, pit bulls were once known as the nanny dog. 

People who fear pit bulls have not been around one. Anyone can have a fear of something that they have never cam face to face with and seen what it is that they fear. For most people when it comes to pit  bulls is that their jaws can lock and it is very hard to break that lock. As anyone can look up and see the jaw of a pit bull and that of any other dog, you can see with the naked eye are pretty much the same, pit bulls just have more motivation to get what they want.

We live in a time where all people see is a "blood thirsty" and "mean" breed, when in reality, the pit bull breed is the most known breed to be left, abandoned, and abused. Most people who gave the pit bull's name a bad wrap, were the one's breeding them to make them int fighting dogs, and how to make them look mean so they could keep people away. 

When you see a African American baby you don't think to yourself "Damn, there is another fighting gang banger who is just going to make our life's a living hell!" Or when you see a white child you don't think "He is going to go to Harvard and have a perfect GPA and attend two jobs while being faithful to god and maintaining a outgoing social life." No, we don't. We say how cute the baby is and leave it at that. 

To look at a pit bull as a puppy and think right away that it is going to be the worst dog you have even gotten without even giving them a chance then how are you any better then someone who would sit there and say those things about a mothers baby to her? 

Everybody and every living thing should at least have a chance to be heard and to show they are important to. They deserve to be loved.

Sincerely, Summer.